Hi GHTA members:

Doug (and Ellen) have been working hard to keep you informed. We do hope that you have been receiving the emails that Ellen has sent but she is still getting some that are getting kicked-back. I’m not an email wizard by any stretch of the imagination but if you are not receiving emails, try to empty your mailbox. Perhaps it’s too full. Just an idea.

Doug is working with Mr. O to solve some of the issues we have carried over from last year. He requests that we are patient as he is working on them and making Mr. Olszewski aware of all of them.

We do have some part-time teachers in our district this year as well. This is new to GHTA so Doug has been made aware of several questions that you may have had. Note: Doug mentioned he will ask Mr. O and get back to us. Hopefully we can share the results when we know something. Hang in there. We’re very happy to have you added to our GH teaching staff.

As for now, we are still requesting that you wear RED on Thursdays. This is to show that we are standing together, not to show defiance against our administration. Perhaps there’s been a huge misunderstanding with that idea and the scarcity or refusal to wear a red shirt. It’s not mandatory of course, it’s just requested by our negotiating team as they are continuously working on our new contract’s wording.

You made it through quarter one! If you do have conferences this week, good luck! Encourage our parents to get involved with their child’s progress and their future. We are Garfield Heights! Oh, and don’t forget to vote next week! It’s a presidential election in case you missed all the phone calls and commercials. WINK! Here’s to looking forward to Quarter two!

PS – Be inspired – Susan Boyle

Please wear RED tomorrow.

Hello GHTA! Tomorrow is Thursday – please wear red! Also, I’ve been looking into companies that may have cheaper t-shirts but haven’t had much luck. The only difference is that they are cotton/poly blend but the embroidered part is what seems to be costly. Still searching.

Good evening: GHTA is looking for an updated list . . . We are in need of your first and last name; your building; your grade/position; and your home email. Please send to Julie by either inner-office mail or her home email.

Hello GHTA!
Here’s to you enjoying the weekend. 🙂 I hope you are keeping those same goose bumps that Susan Boyle may have given you that first day! Stay positive. The executive board met on the 12th of September for 2 hours! Your President, Doug, has been both very receptive to the concerns brought to him as well as sharing everything he could to keep us informed. (IF you read first post, that’s what NEOEA wanted for us = COMMUNICATION). Be sure to read the minutes that Ellen will put out through home email.

The executive board also discussed some updates that need to be done within our organization. If you are interested in any of the following, can you please email Doug, Julie, or a representative from your building, to let them know?
1) We need to gather a committee (one person from every building) to update our GHTA bi-laws and constitution. There are books from the summer leadership that will hopefully make the process easy. There are also contact numbers for officials to help as well. Estimated amount of time would probably be 5-8 hours (so maybe 1-2 days).
2) We also need to gather another committee (one person from every building) to be on our grievance committee. The thought is that we don’t want 1 person speaking on behalf of our entire organization. This committee will probably be assembled AFTER the bi-laws and constitution are updated.
3) We are also looking for a “webmaster”. I’m definitely not able to reach the potential that our website can have! 🙂 (Feel free to post comments – while they’re open) I’m looking for a way to possibly attach an emailing list to this website (if possible) so that our members can communicate with ease privately through our website instead of the work website.

The polo-shirts that were offered by Terese are due by the 21st. We do have some people currently searching for a company that has polo-shirts made of cotton (cooler for non-air conditioned buildings), made a little bigger, and hopefully a little cheaper. Don’t feel you have to wait but there’s hope to get that information out soon!

And finally (but not least) – CONGRATULATIONS on all the building reps, OEA reps, LPDC reps and our new Corresponding Secretary!

We have an executive meeting scheduled on September 12th. I will be able to update you more then. As for now, Friday we received an email from Doug stating that they have taken all supplementals away from the elementary teachers. Speaking for elementary teachers and their concerns: the supplementals and the jobs overlap. We are still* doing what we used* to get supplemented for because it’s either called a committee or professional development. Would you want to? We have 1/2 time teachers, earning 1/2 time pay but working an entire day under “tutor” duty/pay. Rephrased that is: we have a full time teacher(s) working for 1/2 the pay and no health care. Would you want to? I brought this up as a HUGE concern last year. We also have 70 minutes of duty per day and 40 minutes of plan. (350 min. duty/week : 200 min plan/week) What are we valuing? Again asking, would you want to? We have been asked to give up two summers in a row reading a “book” that is basically an education program/philosophy that is expected to be adopted without any formal training. And yes, we get observed and evaluated on it. Something just doesn’t seem right. Again saying, would you want to? I know it’s hard to sympathize with the unknown but we are truly asking for your support! Please continue to wear RED every Thursday. Lifeline = contract.

On a flip note: I am pleased to say that Mr. O has been in our building EVERY single day! I’m hoping he has been in yours. It already feels different than recent years past. It’s also filling a rejuvenated spirit about Garfield because it’s always been a place held special in most of our hearts. I think I speak for most when I say that working in GH never felt like a “job” but more where we planted our “roots” wanting the best for everyone around. The opening day dance, Susan Boyle, and the spirit captured in those few moments in time will be remembered fondly. Susan may not look as if she had the gift – but she sure showed it. Stay positive & stick together.

Welcome Back! I loved seeing everyone in “Red” on Thursday! You’re doing great, our team feels our support.

Remember what Doug said on opening day: Elections/Voting will take place in September. If you are interested in Corresponding Secretary (exec. board) or being a building representative, send your name to Matt Revilock!

Keep checking back for news.

Did you pick up on our President’s words this summer? Doug said negotiations are moving at a “Glacier Pace”!!! We need to wear RED this Thursday to show that our union in united. Spring was awesome. Let’s continue our Thursday RED! See you soon! And thank you for supporting our team. They need us and we need them!

8/16/2012 11:57 a.m.

Welcome to the GHTA website. I will be attempting to construct this site through the rest of the summer.

At the summer leadership conference this year, there were three loud messages that I thought I would share: 1) Communication – they want you to be aware and if possible, involved. My hopes would be that this becomes “our” website where your officers can share information with you. Another message was: 2) “If it hurts ONE, it hurts us all!” They shared a video (using Disney’s ANT movie) that showed how all the working ants were compliant and working when all of a sudden the grasshoppers came to undo all of it. One lil’ ant stood up to the grasshopper and was ‘beaten’ down. All the other ants were shaking. When they realized they were more in numbers, they all showed the grasshoppers what was best for them – the ants. Interesting message for sure. And finally, 3) We should NEVER, ever, ever communicate union information over the school server! They felt super strongly about this. I’m hoping that this will be our “private” go-to website for communication. At the beginning of the year, we will again be asking for updated email addresses. If you have spouses, relatives, friends, or special connections with our administration (that’s not a bad thing) but please keep this world separate from that one. This is a teacher page only. Thank you so much!

Please check back often, in hopes there’s always something new.
7/31/2012 10:49 pm